About Us

Hi, I'm Michelle - fun finder, nature lover, and outdoor advocate.

Do you need to get out more?!

With more of the outdoors in your life, you feel energised. It recharges you, right? And it keeps you firing to take on all the challenges at home and at work.

But sometimes, life gets in the way! Time, motivation, and inspiration can be a challenge.

We get it. And we’re here to help.

We believe in

  • Fun

    Bringing adventure back into
    your life!

  • Connection

    Reconnecting with
    yourself, others, and your environment

  • Education

    From nature neuroscience
    to learning new skills

Our Community

How do we get you out more? Through offering a free online community to support Outdoorsy Mamas, a membership option for mums’ adventures, and regular outdoor events and retreats.

For businesses, we present wellbeing workshops, design outdoor programs to complement corporate wellness, and speak at corporate events.

We give talks and provide inspiration for universities and schools. It’s even better if we can tie these in with conservation projects or community initiatives aligned with your values.

Our Story

Outdoorsy NZ started as a blog, blossomed into a rapidly growing online community, then took on an identity of its own as we created events and connected people outdoors ‘in real life’.

We're now a wellbeing company, focused on the benefits you get from natural environments.

What a cool mission! Helping you get outdoors more, and to see you recalibrate as a result. Happier. Healthier. More sparky. Small changes really do add up.

‘Working with Michelle has made a big difference to my resilience, creativity, and general wellbeing. Running a business is stressful, especially for a creative! The time I’ve spent with Outdoorsy has really improved my productivity and focus. Plus, it’s FUN!'

Carrie, Carrie Harman Creative

'Our team really enjoyed the Outdoorsy workshop - Michelle was full of energy! We all came away with tons of strategies to fit more of the outdoors in, so important these days when there's so much screen time at work. My staff were inspired and motivated!'

Louise Tanguay, The Sleepstore.

'The Outdoorsy Mama group is full of inspiring women. As an Australian moving back over to NZ, this group has been so helpful for planning our family adventures. Such a wealth of knowledge of all things outdoors. Thanks Michelle for creating such an amazing community.'

Deb L.